The preparation for succesful PMI PMP exam in focused program.

For who?

We are offering the course for experienced project and program managers who meet in the “Chapter 4” detailed educational and practical requirements.


1. Session: Global picture of the PMI approach to project management, basic concepts

  • Project and project management definitions, life cycle processes
  • Project stakeholders, the connection between projects and organizations in the relationship
  • Knowledge Areas aims to fit the process groups
  • Sample Questions
  • Preconditions for PMP certification, exam tips


2. Session: Project initiation, Project planning I.

  •  Preparation of Project Charter
  • Stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Preparation of Project Management Plan
  • Project scope planning and design, work breakdown
  • Network diagram, cost estimates and budget completion
  • Sample Questions


3. Session: Project planning II.

  •  Quality Management – PMI approach, project quality management toolkit
  • Human resource management planning
  • Communication Management planning
  • Risk Management, identification, management of risks
  • Procurement Management planning
  • Stakeholder Management planning
  • Sample Questions


4. Session: Project Execution, Monitoring & Controlling I.

  • Direct and manage project work
  • Project Quality Assurance
  • Project team management, development
  • Role of project manager, project management styles, conflict management, problem solving, motivation
  • Communication Management, communication models, aspects, modes, obstacles, channels
  • Procurement selection, type of contract
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project tracking, project integrated change management
  • Control of Scope and Schedule
  • Sample Questions



5. Session: Monitoring & Controlling II., Project Closing, PMI code of ethic

  •  Control of Costs, Earned Value Calculation
  • Quality control
  • Control of communication, risks, procurement and stakeholders
  • Project closing process
  • Closing of External Cooperation
  • PMI Code of Ethics
  • PMP exam application process, individual learning materials
  • Sample Questions


6. Session: PMP exam simulation using e-learning system


7. Session: Sample exam assessment, consultation

If required, after the seventh occasion support of the exam registration and providing individual consultations for the participants.