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For more than 20 years now, our professionalism creates value for our partners in organizational consulting, project management, and skills development. We support clients regardless of the company size, the type of industry, and the organizational structure in order to achieve the best results possible. In the meanwhile, we are in constant change and development, which is well demonstrated by our widening training variety, and the increasing professionalism of our trainers and consultants. Trough the years, we have worked with hundreds of companies, and more than 15 thousands of people attended our courses.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® – exam preparation program - Only for non-native Hungarian speakers

Why Szinergia Ltd.?

In a constantly changing environment development is essential, what makes changes necessary in the functioning of the organization. It is up to us; whether, we suffer through this change or we take it in our hands and control it. If we make this decision, we are on a good way to turn it into our benefit and make it become development.

Making this choice is not easy, because not only people, but organizations are afraid of change as well. We firmly believe that success depends on managing three factors together; hence, we support change in the human aspect, the content and the process dimension.

  • We have helped important big and medium size companies in Hungary to transform their operations into a project based culture; hereby, we got to be a well-known and appreciated provider of project management services.
  • 70% of our clients returns to us.
  • More than 15 thousand people attended our courses in the past 20 years.
  • In the energy and public utilities industry, we have more than 10 years of experience in operations development.
  • We offer 20 different certified development programs following the previous accredited programs and institutional accreditation.
  • We designed the project and portfolio management system of approximately 60 big and medium-sized companies and organizations in the business and the public sector.
  • In 2003, we were the first in Hungary to get the American Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider licence.
  • In Hungary, we prepared more than 60% of the PMI – PMP and CAPM certified project managers to their international exam.
  • We work with full time trainers and consultants in order to ensure constant development, quality, and knowledge-sharing.
  • We have professionally certified trainers and consultants (CAPM, PMP, Human Synergystics)
  • We designed the development program of Hungarian subregions, small and big cities, and contributed to their execution. One of these projects won the most important acknowledgement of our trade, the „Best Consulting Project” prize.
  • We implemented task, project, and portfolio-supporting systems in more than 30 companies, for more than 20 000 users.
  • We executed business process redesign in the IT and Telecommunication Industry for clients from small-sized companies to the biggest providers.
  • We support the effectiveness of our trainings with our own e-learning system.
  • Our leadership development model helped hundreds of leaders to achieve their goals.
  • We supported the preparation of merges between big companies and financial institutions as consultants and coaches.
  • We did more than 20 certified system-developments through the years.
  • We collaborate with Hungarian universities and knowledge centers in strategic planning and contribute to them as tutors.
  • We diagnosed, and afterwards, lead to success more than 100 projects in critical state, by reinforcing the project or the project manager.
  • We restructured power-structure organizations into self-propelling project-based organizations with impressive changing projects.
  • We start and lead successful project organizations in our ownership.

Training services

In our trainings, we aim to develop the value and effectiveness of the organization trough developing both the individual and the group. We believe that the approach and knowledge transfer that we deliver in our trainings gives a competitive edge to the companies in the short run. To achieve this, our sessions are based on experimental learning, where the participants can try out individually and in small groups the new techniques and methods.

We firmly believe that training and development is a process; hence, the classroom training is only a part of our service. Mixing the classroom and e-learning method in our trainings gives a possibility to reinforce the effectiveness and the long term learning of the participants.

We do not believe in ready-made trainings; accordingly, our programs are tailor-made for our customers. Before designing the final content we assess the needs of our client and we build on that.

According to the feedback of our clients, one of the main values of our trainings is that our trainers are not only trainers but they also collaborate in consultancy and lead projects. This gives them the possibility to face various situations, which they bring to the training sessions to make them more realistic.

Our training services:

  • Methodology Basics for Successful Projects
  • Project Management for Project Managers
  • From Manager to Project Leader
  • Agile Project Management
  • Effective project support with software tools (MS Project, MS Project Server)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® International certification – exam preparation program
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)® International certification – exam preparation program
  • Project management Coaching for Executives
  • Program and portfolio management


We believe that in the future only those organizations can be really successful that are prepared to change and consciously manage their development. In our service, we concentrate on developing the capacity of our clients to create individual and corporate values.

For a company to be able to evolve in the long run, besides the training of the colleagues, it is essential to create and build up a conscious operating model and organizational culture. Our consultants help to define the desired organizational goals, and the operational and cultural requirements and solutions by familiarizing themselves with the organization and the employees involved.

Our colleagues have group-coordination and trainer skills along with consulting experience, enabling them to create the change together with the key employees of the client.

The key to long-term development is not only a well-defined process or an operating model. In order to achieve success, we engage colleagues in the change, and build up unique organizational operations. The value and difficulty of real consultancy lies within designing a unique organizational and operational solution to achieve the company’s goals, instead of developing the organization with a previously applied model.

Our consultancy services:

Project management:
  • Organizational project maturity development
  • Supporting and managing projects
  • Development of project, program and project-portfolio methodologies
  • Project quality assurance and project auditing
Organizational development:
  • development of self-managed organizations and teams
  • organizational and team culture and efficiency development
  • leadership and to-be-leaders development programs
  • organizational carrier path development and management
Management consulting:
  • System development and implementation
  • Business process reengineering and management
  • Strategy building, creating visions and goals
  • Task and process management
IT solutions:
  • Group-work support (MS SharePoint) and Project-portfolio management system development (MS Project, Project Server and Project Online)
  • Document management system
  • E-learning and training management system development


Szinergia's designation as a Project Management Institute (PMI) registered education provider (R.E.P.) indicates that our organization has met PMI’s strict quality standards and we are able deliver world-class, effective project management training and education. Partcipants can earn Professional Development Units (PDU) by attending our courses.


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