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1. Why is it beneficial to divide large projects into phases?
2. Peter is a project leader in a complex project environment. He believes in creativity and innovation, so he decided to build a recognition system based on these values. He started to empower followers through idealized behaviours. Which kind of leadership style is using Peter?
3. You are a project manager in a software development project. It is hard to build a project management plan at the project beginning, because certain changes are forecasted in the near-future. You fixed the requirements, and deliverables but you can plan only the next two weeks according to activities. Which life cycle model are you using?
4. You are the project manager of an important project. During a project meeting one of your team members suggests implementing a new feature, which would raise the satisfaction of the customer. He already estimated its costs and it fits in the budget. What is the best way to handle the situation?
5. All the followings are outputs from control resources process, except:
6. Your project reached a milestone. Should you perform the closing process?
7. Which one of the following statements is true for the stakeholders of a project?
8. Which are the possible risk response strategies?
9. You are a project auditor in your company and must audit a project, based on the PMI project methodology. You have documented the following statements. Which of these is not correct according the PMI methodology?
10. You are a project manager of a project. Your sponsor asks you during creating the project charter to calculate the "high level" project budget using the earned value management technique. He tells you also that in the organizational project management policy earned value management is the standard tool for managing external projects. What is the best answer you can tell your sponsor?

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